Jardin de America Spanish School

Learn Spanish as the living, vital language it is!

...by beautiful Lake Atitlan


Your afternoons and weekends are special!

Weekday mornings are spent in class, but special activities are offered in the afternoon and on weekends.

Going on a tour of the lakeSpanish speaking guides take students out of the class room (in our case, the garden) and into nature and the local culture.

We have incorporated a local non-profit organization called "Caminos de Esperanza" (Roads of Hope) into many of our afternoon activities.

Jardin de America gives you the opportunity to explore different indigenous towns and sites around the most beautiful lake in the world, Lago Atitlan.

Jardin de America is within easy walking distance of the lake
where you will find boats to other lakeside villages. Some
of our most popular afternoon activities are boat tours.

Trying on 'traje' or local Mayan dress Caminos de Esperanza Caminos de Esperanza Playing 'futbol' with the locals Going to a Mayan village on the lake At the 'feria', the annual village fair.
A Mayan priest proforming a Mayan cerimony An intergral part of a Mayan cerimoney is a ritual 'cemada' or burning. A plot of medicinal plants Visiting the medicinal plant garden Prepering the leaves Boiling the leaves

Join us and be part of Mayan-Guatemalan life. Studying with us does not mean just sitting and studying. Come to Jardin de America and learn through experiencing Guatemala's rich traditions.

At Jardin de America a Mayan village is your classroom and all who live there, your teacher!

NOTE: Some activities described above have a small fee associated with them. Most activities require a minimum of 3 participants.