Jardin de America Spanish School

Learn Spanish as the living, vital language it is!

...by beautiful Lake Atitlan


We come highly recommended!

When I first enrolled in Jardín de América I was under the impression that my Spanish skills were intermediate after many years of travel in Spanish speaking countries and working for 33 years in the airline industry with Spanish speaking coworkers, I quickly learned that I was a beginner, my professor was very kind and honest to me about my skills. During four intense weeks of learning and practicing the first three clases of verbs, I feel that my profesor brought me up to a confortable level of beginners conversational Spanish. I am very gratiful to the staff at Jardín de América and I will recomend JDA to all of my friends.
David Lowrie
I can’t wait to come back! 2023 is my plan!! Love Pana 💛 and Jardín de America
Tanya Carroccio
Best Spanish School ever!
Greta Belacotti
Suerte a todos los maestros. A mi, me encanta esta escuela! 😀
Shaun Casey
With the best tourist guide of the area!!!! Blessings!
Judith Lopez