Jardin de America Spanish School

Learn Spanish as the living, vital language it is!

...by beautiful Lake Atitlan


¡Hay que hacer el deber!*

* You have to do the work!

We believe that the classroom comes first, but then by interacting with the locals in Spanish you live what learn in class. This is far and away the best and easiest way to learn Spanish.

If you choose to live with a family you will truly know what 'total immersion' is. With your host family if you want to be understood you absolutely must speak Spanish ...and you will!

In a Spanish school–a good one anyway–one doesn't just learn the language, but local culture; in our case the indigenous Mayan culture who have lived here for millennia. Our extracurricular activities are dedicated to doing just that–that and much more.

Our teaching methods are based on learning correct grammar through very intensive classes with oral and written exercises. Basic conversation is also a very important part of our program for analyzing pronunciation as well as accent. Formal reading and reading comprehension is highly stressed.

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Objectives of the School:

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Our General Academic Schedule:

Learning verb conjugation is just plain work, work that must be done, but the sense of accomplishment that comes with actually speaking with someone in their language makes it all worthwhile.